Great News!

Access to a computer! Please help me become more tumblr active once again with the fitness community again! :)

Currently redoing Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution Program with an additional workout alongside.

Here to learn, and here to share my own struggles and lessons!

Purchase of the day!

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Current, what do you all think?!

update as of 1/9

Did I mention that I love my dash?!

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I really want a gym membership!

Ever since I’ve started living a healthier lifestyle, about 12 weeks ago, I’ve dropped almost 15 pounds just by doing at home exercises. However I really want a gym membership so I can do much more weight training! Is it weird that I am a little nervous to be a newbie there? What’s your favorite gym and how often do you go? *and cost?

A FAQ about my progress pictures!

What is the time frame for your progress picture?(

That progress post shows my changes in an eleven week period!

Thank you all for your support, it has given me so much motivation to continue!


Me, after level 3 of the 30 Day Shred! Was the first day of a new level :) definitely burned up my thighs!

373 calories of pure deliciousness :)

Love this girls stomach! It looks so healthy and achievable. Wish I knew where this originated from?

The scale is just a number. Does it matter? Of course. Does it determine how much progress you’ve made? Sometimes. Does it tell you how much endurance you’ve built, how many inches you’ve lost, muscle you’ve gained? Not necessarily. Keep your heads up, do not let a number hold you back.