First progress picture! I hope the picture is clear, can you see any progress?! Let me Know!?

This was over two years ago. I have gained some weight back (not the kind of weight you want to gain) and now am on my third week of exercising regularly again alongside a proper food intake :)

You know you’re too into Tumblr when…

A main motivation in becoming healthier is to put your progress pictures on Tumblr

New Polar FT4 watch came!

Finished Week 3 of Body Revolution!
Body Revolution Progress

*This is the second round of body revolution for myself.

Currently on phase 1, week 3. Week 3 is workout 3 and workout 4. It is a lot harder then I remember, but I am already reminded of the strength my body will build by the end of these three months. Currently still doing two workouts a day for max results!

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Nice core!!

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A wholegrain sandwich with baby spinach, sesame roasted tofu, mushrooms and zucchini, tomato slices and hummus and sweet potato fries!

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This should be on my wall! Pretty much sums up what you should be eating to fuel your body :)